"If anyone would come after me. He must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me, for whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it. Mathew 16:24-25

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Wild Woods

This is the first full story I wrote which was about when I was 11. Hope its not to bad and you enjoy!
It had been a hard day. It had been raining and food was scarce. When I finally got home late that evening, when I got to the front porch Molly had her hands on her hips (I would have to have a talk with her later that night). I said, “If we don’t get somthin to eat soon we’re going to starve. Things have been gettin pretty tight out there. I see foxes and wolves out more and more every day. It’s not safe to go outside at nighttime.”

“Oh dear,” she said, “I don’t mind the cold if you could just be safe.”

“I don’t like it any more than you do but the young ones must have food. You know that” I said, “I’ll be alright. You just keep an eye out for trouble”

“OK dear but I feel uneasy.”

Now we go to frog’s yard where he is in deep conversation with neighbor squirrel…

“Things around here are getting pretty dangerous. Woody end’s beginning to get a bad reputation. I’m locking up and heading out. Business hasn’t been too productive at the alehouse lately either. Strange, suspicious looking fellows coming in and scaring all the customers away. I’m going to pleasant meadow; I hear they have a peaceful community over there.”

The squirrel scampered off as the frog went inside.

The squirrel goes to her friend gopher and says…

“Have you heard the foxes and wolves are taking over the woods! People are packing up and running for their lives! Peace is shattered chaos has come!”

“Be sensible, I haven’t heard of anyone leaving,” said gopher. “I’ve known the foxes and wolves to let their size and cunning go to their head, but I’m sure everything will sort themselves out. You should speak to Mr. Rabbit. I’ve heard he’s very wise; maybe he will think of something.”

Gopher pops back into his hole as squirrel scampers off in the trees to his home. Word has gotten round to everyone that the foxes and wolves have taken over the woods, each story is more wild than the next. Word has also gotten around about the mythically wise Rabbit. Everyone has gathered round at the center of town. The rabbit is getting up for a speech with much urging of his newfound friends. He is looking quite nervous and pale (if a rabbit can look pale). This is what he says…

“Dear friends I know a terrible thing has happened. The foxes and wolves have taken over our rights (Many hear hears at this point, the rabbit continues encouraged). We cannot allow this; our forefathers would not allow this! (the villagers seem cheered by this peace of information). We must attack and drive the wolves and foxes out of our woods! (Much cheering at this). Unfortunately (the rabbit looked down “sadly” and shed a fake tear) my old bones do not allow much physical activity. A young hedgehog whispered, “He’s not that old”. The rabbit stopped and glared angrily at the hedgehog until the hedgehog muttered, “Sorry”. The rabbit continued, “We must pick someone younger. I choose… At that moment the foxes and wolves chose that moment to attack (They had been hiding in the woods the whole time). The rabbit hopped off as fast as his legs would allow him and was never seen again by the villagers. The rest of the villagers fell into a panicked disarray, some ran hither and thither saying, “the wolves are attacking the world is ending”. Another one, “Ahhhh, run for your lives.” The wolves and foxes rushed in and grabbed a few panicked victims. The victims screamed out, “The foxes have taken me heeeeelp!” Help me I’m captured waaaaa!” then the foxes and wolves ran off with their prisoners. On the way back they had a lively discussion. Let’s listen in…

“Those villagers ran like a bunch of rabbits,” said a fox.

A wolf mimicked the rabbit, “Oh raise an army the he said. Oh yes drive the wolves out of our wood. Ha-ha, did you see the rabbit run. I bet he’s all the way to kilamanzoo by now.” Ho-ho those villagers couldn’t hurt a bug. Did you see them scatter? This’ll be easier than taking candy from a miceling”

The foxes and wolves laughed and cajoled as they headed back to their camp. Now let’s go back to the villagers. They were in a sorry state villagers walked around with no set destination. Mothers cried out, “My baby was taken. Waaaa. A wife berated her husband, “what are you going to do? The question was being asked more and more often. Suddenly a young adolescent who’d obviously read to many comic books said, “I’ll tell you what we do we fight! Now who’s with me? Three villagers got up and ran over to him, the rest tried to hide behind each other. “Right we’ll be back before teatime,” Said the adolescent. They set off in the wrong direction but nobody noticed as they were trying to hide behind each other unsuccessfully.

As they headed off they gave longing glances back at their families. After a while of plodding one of them asked, “where are we going.” The young mouse had no idea where they where going, but he said, “to the wolves and foxes camp to take back the prisoners.” ‘Oh” the other said whose name was Fred, ‘well aren’t we going in the wrong direction.” “Oh, well I guess your right then, turn around, March! The mouse didn’t tell the others but he started veering off to the right so they could avoid the villagers and not be humiliated. After a lot of plodding it started getting dark so the mouse said, “why don’t we bed down for the night I’m sure the wolves will still be their in the morning.” Everybody seemed to agree because they plopped on the ground immediately and fell asleep. In the morning they started out again. The mouse started thinking since he had nothing else to do. And he thought what does four villagers have a chance against a pack of foxes and wolves. And he thought to himself we have no chance of defeating them so we must resort to trickier means. Now this was a lot of thinking for the mouse so he decided to rest his brain until he could think of a way to trick the foxes and wolves. So they walked and they walked and they walked until suddenly the mouse had an idea well stop right outside the camp and I’ll ask everybody if they have any ideas. And that’s what they did. When they finally got outside the camp which they did get to the mouse asked, “Does anyone have an idea for how to rescue the prisoners. They all shrugged and said they didn’t know. Well that was a bother so we all sat down and started thinking. About an hour later one of the villagers a mole raised his paw. I pointed at him and he said, “Us moles know how to dig a good tunnel when you need one. I could dig a tunnel to the prisoners and “whisk” them to you. I would just need some of you all’s help. I volunteered to stay back in case of emergency. So mole started digging a hole which took about thirty minutes to make (Whoever said moles could dig tunnels fast). Then they entered the tunnel as quietly as they could (Which wasn’t very quite) and tiptoed to the end of the hole with much bumping into each other. Mole carefully moved the remaining dirt off the top of the tunnel and popped his head up. As soon as his head came above ground he found himself face to face with a grinning fox. He let out a scream that would curl your fur. The fox grabbed him and wolves entered the tunnel and captured the rest of the band. Now while all this was happening the mouse was waiting impatiently at the entrance to the tunnel. When he heard moles scream he ran as fast as he could back to the village. While he was running he thought the villagers our going to want to know what happened. I know I’ll say that we fought them bravely but there was too many and we got captured except I escaped. Ya that will work. The mouse thought himself smart and he started walking as heroically as possible. When he got close to the village he started running as fast as he could. As soon as he got back to the village he spilled his story as fast as his mouth would allow. More and more people started gathering around. He told his story twice over before everyone knew. Everyone started talking at once until a older mouse said, “quiet I think our young mouse’s story is a little bit fishy.” I want to know a little more about this story.” The young mouse looked panicky he looked at one face, then another, then suddenly blurted out, “I heard mole yelling and I just ran back hear as fast as I could.” I think they got captured, I’m sorry.” The older mouse said to take him away and give him a hot drink. Everybody started to talk to the older mouse at once. He needed time to think on what to do without all these villagers pestering him. He said, “I will think on a plan on how to rescue the villagers meanwhile you’ll go on about your business.”

They did no such thing they started talking to each other and didn’t even realize his departure He left them to it and went inside his home. He thought for awhile. No one around here knows anything about fighting. They needed someone who had experience in that area. Someone who could lead. Ah! He had just the thing. Humans were a very smart race. The wolves and foxes feared them, the villagers held them in awe. He thought if I could get one to lead us we would surely win. They don’t live around here so I’ll have to go on a journey to get him. I’ll start tomorrow and not tell anyone. He started packing up provisions and thought about the journey ahead.

The mouse has started on his journey and is on the road…

The mouse had been traveling for a while. At first he saw many animal villages but the farther on he went the more he saw of human houses. They were big and did not match the scenery. They were built in the middle of nowhere, not like the animal homes which were built into natural things such as rocks and trees. Soon he came to human towns which were big and noisy. At night he would sleep at some kind persons home or if not so lucky in the alleys. It was always a relief when he got in the country even though it meant sleeping outside.

After many days of wandering as I have described, I came to a castle that some people had directed me too. I went up to the front gates and demanded to see the King. The guards just laughed at me and put me on a huge waiting list. I went to the village nearby and rented a house. I stayed in that house for about a month until I got impatient and decided it was time to see the King. So I went back to the gate and told the guards I would not wait any longer. They just laughed at me again and told me to be patient as I was almost at the bottom of the waiting list. “Nevertheless”, I said, “Let me in or I’ll have force my way in.” they laughed all the more and said they’d like to see me force my way in. well this was a pickle and no way around it. I decided to come back when I had made up my mind what to do. I said to the guards to save face, “I’ll be back later so you better be prepared.” So I went to the village and bought some stilts, human clothes, and a hat that covered my whole entire face. I went to my house and dressed up. “I don’t look bad if I don’t say so myself.”

I went to the guards and they asked, “Who goes there.”

I said, “I have important business with the King, let me in.”

They said, “Who are you and what business do you have with the King.”

“I have stuff only for the king’s ears and you better pay heed to that or he’ll have your head.”

The guard hastily got out of the way and called a page. The page led me through the castle until we came to two oaken doors with guards on the sides. The page paid his respects and left. The doors started opening slowly from the inside. I saw a hallway and at the end of it a raised throne which sat on it, The King. I started walking down the hallway when the doors closed behind me. I paused and looked back nervously. Then I continued on to the King where I bowed low to the King. He looked at me with a queer look and asked me what I wanted.

I said, “In our fair woods we have a problem, a band of... um bullies have come to take over the woods and we are just peace loving villagers.”

“Now where is this village,” the King said.

“It is not in your realm sire,” said the pretend human, “it is far far away.

“I am sorry but I must attend to my business here in the castle. I might know someone who could help you. I’ll send you to him right away,” said the King.

“Thank you your sire,” said the mouse and bowed low. The same page came and took him away. They walked to the training ground where they could hear shouting and they sound of swords clashing together. When they entered the training ground they could see two knights fighting each other and many more watching the fight. Separated from the other knights was a tall, strong man that appeared to be the trainer. As the knights fought Andrew (as the page told me his name) yelled out instructions to each on how to defend or attack. Soon one of the knights used a twisting method to fling the others’ sword out of his hands and it flew to the ground. The other knights came to the winner and congratulated him. The other knight stood aside glumly looking at the ground where his sword lay. Andrew came over to the crestfallen knight and said a few reassuring words to him. The knight brightened up and went over to the victor and congratulated him on how well his sword skills were. Andrew came over to us and invited me into his tent. We walked there as I pondered what to say (and what not to).

I said, “I live in a country far away and my… uh… countrymen are in trouble (I chose not to reveal to him that we were animals at that time in fear that he wouldn’t help). I asked the King for help and he sent me to you.

Andrew asked, “What is your problem and how can I help.”

“Well,” I hesitated on how to begin, “maybe I should just tell you the whole story.” I started the story slowly gradually warming up as I went along avoiding anything that would reveal that we were animals. Andrew listened thoughtfully as I told the story. As I got to the finish I looked hopefully at Andrew to see if he would help. We sat there for a while and then suddenly Andrew said what are we waiting for. I looked up surprised and then thanked him from the bottom of my heart for helping our pitiful plight.

We had been traveling for two months now. Human houses are getting scarce and more and more often we see an animal dwelling. Andrew asked me more questions concerning our plight. These questions can not be answered truthfully with me withholding that we were animals. And it was getting increasingly hard to hide from him that I was an animal so I decided to tell him. One day after I had told him he did not looked surprised and said that he had a feeling that we were animals from the start. I also told him about how I got past the guards and we had a laugh over that. I felt relieved that he took it well. A big burden fell off my mind. We traveled on.

We are getting very close to our destination. Andrew has been teaching me how to fight in foresight of the coming battle. I’ve been getting increasingly more worried about the plight of my village. Thoughts of attacks the wolves and foxes could have done while I was gone. Andrew has been very quiet lately and I suspect that he is thinking on a plan.

One day he during one of Andrew’s quiet bouts he suddenly says, “Look here mouse I have a plan on how to defeat those vermin scum, but first you’ll have to trust me and agree to my plan.”

I consented and said I trusted him with my life. So he laid out the plan to me as we traveled.

We have arrived at the village. What an uproar we have created everybody had given up hope that I ever would return. They thought that I must have forgotten about them or perished in my journey. They also told me that they had been attacked by the wolves and foxes. They had put a barricade around the village. They held off they foxes and wolves for six days. On the seventh day the wolves and foxes overran the barricades and flooded into the city. Thankfully the town elders had enough foresight to build an underground cave so everybody evacuated safely. The foxes and wolves prowled around for a while and then left with plunder. They were very curious about Andrew. They crowded around him and asked him questions. He appeared very amused and tried to answer there questions. I asked for details on the attack so I could tell Andrew later. They night grew late as we talked to each other.

Next morning we got all the animals that could fight and woke them up. They protested from being waken but we told them that if they wanted their loved ones back they were going to have to get better at fighting. We gathered them up and presented them with weapons that Andrew had brought with him. There were ten swords, five spears, two axes, 7 bows, and 12 knives. We divided them up into groups of weapon types and proceeded to teach them how to fight. They didn’t improve quickly as I had expected. After a hard day of grueling work we went to bed exhausted. I went to Andrew tent to talk to him.

I walked up to him and said, “Today was grueling but each day we grow stronger but I fear not strong enough. We may never get the villagers skill up as far as we want but every bit counts.

He said, “We don’t have much time, in a week we must attack. Every day the wolves and foxes grow stronger.”

I said, “I just hope they will trust your plan and that it works.”

Don’t worry it will,” he said with confidence.

We worked on are weapon skills for the next six days until we thought we might out up a fight against the foxes and wolves. Then we reviewed our plan and scampered off to our positions.

Half our force marched around the fox and wolf camp and waited in the trees with bows and crossbows. The other half was specially trained. while their brothers were waiting in ambush, the other half dressed up in light knight armor and stilts. Now any human would’ve not been fooled by this disguise but the wolves and foxes were very suspicious about knights and their “magical powers.” So Andrew led them to the fox and wolf camp.

At the camp foxes and wolves wondered around bored or slept. Others played cards or bickered to each other about some plunder. Suddenly they heard a horn. They all looked round to where the sound was coming from. A fearful sight met their eyes. Knights were coming to kill them. They panicked and started to run away from that direction towards the forest. As soon as they started running the latter half who had been waiting patiently let forth a volley of arrows. The remaining foxes and wolves looked around in confusion not knowing which way to flee. The first half of “knights” reached the camp and at once as planned called out to surrender and the rest of them would be spared. Most of the wolves and foxes stayed where they were and surrendered but some hoped to escape and started running away. The “Knights caught most of them but some escaped in the woods never to be seen again in the area. The rest of the wolves and foxes were rounded up into a circle. Andrew got up to say a few things.

“You have been defeated, your scum scattered. Now you are prisoners but you should be grateful. For I am not harsh and I will not deal with you harshly. You should be glad that I do not let the community of Woody End loose on you. You deserve such in your injustice to them but now to business. I will make a deal with you. If you leave here and change your ways you may go free.”

Most of the wolves and foxes and wolves cheered at that and said that they would do it (the wolves and foxes weren’t all they appeared to be. They were more like big bullies who. When faced with real adversary would back down and do whatever told) but some refused stubbornly and said that they would rather die.

Andrew let the most of them go but the stubborn ones he took back with him too his castle to learn a little discipline. Andrew also sent spies out to watch the foxes and wolves to make sure they stayed out of trouble.

After this there was great celebration and there was great feasting especially for Andrew. After two days of this Andrew announced he would have to be leaving to the great dismay of the villagers. The next day Andrew said goodbye too the village and left back too his castle. That is the closing of this story and all our villager friends. They went back to normal life peacefully and things began to slow down again.


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